• Servo Large 20kg.cm with Feedback

Servo Large 20kg.cm with Feedback

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Servo Large 20kg.cm with Feedback

The DS3218-270-FB is a high quality digital servo with metal gears with feedback.  The servo has 270 deg operating angle. The feedback is an analog output and can be used  to get the servo's position. That information can be used in robotics to improve stability or even allow 'recording' of servo motion.

Quick Spec

  • Torque:20kg/cm @ 6V
  • Weight:60g
  • Operating Angle: 270deg
  • Size:40*20*40.5mm
  • Speed:0.22sec/60°@4.8V
  • Operating Voltage:4.8-7.2Volts
  • Operating Current:80 - 100mA
  • Stall current (at locked) 1.8A@6.8V
  • Idle Current: 4mA
  • Horn Spline Type : 25T
  • Dead Band Width: 3μs
  • Pulse width range: 500→2500 μsec

Pin Outs


Shipping List

  • 1 x Servo Large 20kg.cm with Feedback
  • 1 x Servo Arm 25T
  • 1 x Servo Disk 25T
  • 4 x Screws

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