Display 128x64 White on Blue - 5V

This is a framed graphical LCD 128 x 64px liquid crystal display with backlight. This unit is a very clear STN type LCD with a simple command interface. This new v2.0 module includes the negative voltage circuitry on board. The display utilizes the extremely common KS0108B parallel interface chipset. Interface code is freely available, and is a great solution for interactive work with Arduino.

Quick Spec

  • Number of Characters: 20 characters x 4 line
  • Input Voltage Range: DC 4.5V to 5.5V
  • Operation Voltage for LCD: 5V DC
  • Interface: 6800 8-bit Parallel
  • Display type:Positive Tranflective
  • Driving method:1/64 duty, 1/9 bias
  • Viewable area: 55 x 27.5mm
  • Module Size: 93 x 70mm
  • Weight: 70g

Pin Diagram

  • Vss: Ground (0 V)
  • Vcc: Supply voltage; 5V
  • Vo: Contrast adjustment
  • Register select (RS): High to display data; Low for instruction code
  • Read/Write (R/W): Low to write to the register; High to read from the register
  • Enable (EN): Reads data when high; Writes data at high to low transition (falling edge)
  • DB0 - DB7: 8-bit data pins
  • CS1: Chip selection for IC1; Active high
  • CS2: Chip selection for IC2; Active high
  • RST: Reset signal; Active low
  • Vout: Output voltage for LCD driving
  • LED A: Backlight VCC (5V)
  • LED K: Backlight Ground (0V)

Connecting to Arduino



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  • 1 X Display 128x64 White on Blue - 5V

Display 128x64 White on Blue - 5V

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