• HANTEK Scope Model 6254BD

HANTEK Scope Model 6254BD

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HANTEK Scope Model 6254BD

Hantek6000BD Series - ​4CH​ oscilloscope & function/Arb. waveform generator. The performance of this model is even better than the performance of the benchtop oscilloscope. It has 4 independent analog channels, 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate, 2mV-10V/DIV input sensitivity, 250MHz bandwidth and Arbitrary Waveform Generator. It is powered by USB2.0 Interface, plug and play device has a small design which makes it easy for carrying.


  • 4CH oscilloscope & function/Arb. waveform generator
  • The performance of this model could even better than the performance of benchtop oscilloscope. It has 4 independent analog channels, 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate, 2mV-10V/DIV input sensitivity, and 250MHz bandwidth
  • Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator: 200MSa/s DDS, 12bits of vertical resolution, built-in variety of standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform easy to edit, which is convenient to reappear sensor and other irregular signal.
  • Pass/fail test, resourceful trigger function, dynamic cursor tracking, waveform record and replay function. The operation interface is similar to banchtop oscilloscope, easy to operate with high cost performance
  • USB2.0 Interface, plug and play device
  • Good mechanical design with small size which is easy for carrying. The outer case is made by the same material with iPad - Anodised aluminium. It has great heat resistance and abrasive resistance with beautiful appearance. The hardness of aluminium alloy surface is greatly improved
  • Fit for the portable computers, table PC, and repairing/fixing of production line. Suitable for business trip use
  • Software support: Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • The waveform data could be output to EXCEL,BMP,JPG as time and voltage category.
  • More than 20 kinds of automatic measurement function, PASS/FAIL Check function, fit for engineering application
  • Waveform averaging, afterglow, lightness control, reverse, add, subtract, multiply, divide, X-Y display
  • FFT spectrum analyzer
  • One computer could connect with multiple oscilloscopes, expand the channel number easily
  • USBXI standard interface, easy to insert into USBXI case to constitute assembling instrument.
  • Provide secondary development library DLL; Provide Labview\VB\VC developing examples

Quick Spec

  • Model: Hantek6254BD
  • Bandwidth: 70MHz/100MHz/200MHz/250MHz
  • Channel: 4 CH
  • Real-time Sampling Rate: 1GSa/s
  • Memory Depth: 64K
  • Time Base Precision: ±50ppm
  • Time Base Range: 2ns/div-1000s/div (1-2-4 sequences)
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ 25pF
  • Input Sensitivity: 2mV/div~10V/div
  • Vertical Resolution: 8Bit
  • Vertical Displacement Range:
    • 2mV~10V/div @ x1 probe
    • 20mV~100V/div @ x10 probe
    • 200mV~1000V/div @ x100 probe
    • 2V~10000V/div @ x1000 probe
  • DC Gain Accuracy: ±3%
  • Bandwidth: 20MHz
  • Trigger Mode: Edge, Pulse, Video, Alternative
  • Trigger Source: CH1, CH2, CH3,CH4
  • Waveform Signal Process: +,-,x,÷,FFT, Invert
  • Cursors Measurement: Cross, Trace, Horizontal, Vertical
  • Auto Measurement: Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vmid, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, Vcrms, Preshoot, Overshoot, Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator Mode
    • Waveform Frequency: DC~25MHz
    • DAC: 2K~200MHz adjustable
    • Frequency Resolution: 0.10%
    • Channel: 1CH waveform output
    • Waveform Depth: 2KSa
    • Vertical Resolution: 12 bit
    • Frequency Stability: <30ppm
    • Wave Amplitude: ±3.5V Max.
    • Output Impedance: 50 Ω
    • Output Current: 50mA, Ipeak=50mA
    • System BW: 25M
    • Harmonic Distortion: -50dBc(1KHz), -40dBc(10KHz)
  • General Features:
    • Volume: 175mm * 105mm * 25mm
    • Weight: 0.9KG

Shipping List

  • 1 X HANTEK Scope Model 6254BD
  • 2 X passive probes
  • 2 X gator clip lines
  • 1 X BNC to BNC cord

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