Node-M ESP8266 32MB - CH340

The WIFI NodeM ESP8266+32Mb, module is based on the widely explored ESP8266 System on Chip from Expressif.
The WIFI NodeM ESP8266+32Mb, is compatible with NodeMCU boards, and 32Mb of extra memory has been added. This allows bigger and better projects with bigger libraries.
The module has a USB-TTL serial converter CH340G on-board, with Micro-USB socket. Combined with features of WI-FI access-point and station + microcontroller and uses simple LUA based programming language.

Quick Spec

  • Arduino-like hardware I/O. And can be programmed in Arduino IDE
  • Event-driven API for network applications
  • 10 GPIO's D0-D10, PWM functionality, IIC and SPI communication, 1-Wire and ADC A0 etc. all in one board
  • WiFi networking (can be used as access point and/or station, host a web server), connect to the internet to fetch or upload data
  • Power in for DC 4~9V, to pin VIN



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Node-M ESP8266 32MB - CH340

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