4-Digit LED 0.56" Display Tube YELLOW

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TM1637 4X7 Segment LED Display, Yellow, Colon Seperator, Size 30x14mm (0.56")

This 7 Segment display module use the TM1637 SPI chipset and is very easy to interface with the Arduino family. The displays can be chained or cascade to form 'n longer display.

The display modules has two signal connection (and two power connections) which are CLK and DIO. These pins can be connected to any pair of digital pins on the Arduino. When an object is created, the pins should be configured. There is no limitation on the number of instances used concurrently (as long as each instance has a pin pair of its own)

Quick Spec

  • Display Driver – TM1637
  • Interface Type – SPI Serial Interface
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 30x14mm (0.56")
  • Number of Digits: 4
  • Digit Separator: Colon (Double Dot)
  • Maximum Clock – 10MHz
  • Supply – 5V DC


Shipping List

  • 1 X 4-Digit LED 0.56" Display Tube YELLOW

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