4-Digit LED 0.56" Display Tube YELLOW (decimal), 7-segments, TM1637, disp. size 50x19mm

The LED 4x7 Segment Display Module TM1637 is a fully integrated display module, often referred to as an LED Tube Display, designed specifically to show numerical values. The display itself is integrated onto a TM1637 module, allowing for easy and simple installation and control, being capable of attaching to and communicating with microprocessors like an Arduino.
The module comes equipped with integrated serial input/output common cathode drivers and displays numerical values like the time, temperature or other information. Each of the numbers can be set to act individually or together as an entire display, and if you integrate additional LED Tube Displays they can all act together in a chain or cascade.

Quick Spec

  • Number of Digits – 4
  • Digit LED Colour – Yellow
  • Interface Type – SPI, QSPI, MICROWIRE Serial Interface
  • Maximum Clock – 10MHz
  • Display Driver – TM1637
  • Power – 5V DC

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  • 1 X 4-Digit LED 0.56" Display Tube YELLOW

4-Digit LED 0.56" Display Tube YELLOW

  • Brand: Robotdyn
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