Leonardo 32U4 + A7 GPRS GSM GPS Board

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Leonardo 32U4 + A7 GPRS/GSM/GPS Board

The new 32U4 with A7 GSM/GPRS/GPS Board is based on mega32U4 and A7 GSM/GPRS/GPS module. Compared to 32u4 with A6 GPRS GSM Board, it adds a GPS function, it also can call and send text messages even via GPRS to upload data to a server. At the same time it leads to an analog interface, an IIC interface and 2 digital interface, which you can connect to other modules more easily.
Remote control and data acquisition will be more convenient.It is worth mentioning that this module can be powered by battery, and comes with a battery charging circuit, some IOT projects will make it take a leading role.
Add three GPS commands as follows:

  • AT+GPS=1 :OPEN GPS function
  • AT+GPSRD=1 : Get GPS information
  • AT+GPS=0: Close GPS function

Quick Spec

  • Operating temperature -30℃ to + 80℃
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V-4.2V
  • Sensitivity <-105
  • Standby average current 3ma less
  • Working Voltage:3.7V
  • Sizes: 50mm x 35mm

Please Note

The onboard interface connectors use the  JST-HY 2.0mm standard (called Crowtail Connectors) which is not the same as the JST-PH 2.0mm.


Shipping List

  • 1 X 32u4 with A7 GPRS/GSM/GPS Board
  • 1 X GSM antenna
  • 1 X GPS antenna

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