AC/DC 200A Current Sensor - Bi Directional

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AC/DC 200A Current Sensor - Bi Directional

This board uses the ACS758 Hall effect current sensor which is capable of measuring Bi-directional current flow. This sensor can be used in AC and DC systems requiring isolation from the measured circuit and has low insertion loss and more connection options compared to conventional resistive current shunts.
The Hall-effect chip senses the magnetic field generated by the current flowing through the sensors legs, which in turn outputs an analog voltage proportional to the current it senses. The sensitivity of the device is factory laser trimmed for precision and accuracy with a wide temperature range.
The Analog output of the sensor may be connected directly to an Analog Digital Converter or ADC port of most micro controllers and read easily by a few lines of code, it can also be configured so that an Op-Amp/Comparator monitors the voltage output for current limiting or overload indication.

Quick Spec

  • Measures Bi-directional AC and DC currents
  • Low noise, Low loss Monolithic Hall IC
  • Fast and accurate analog output
  • High isolation from measured circuit
  • May be used as High-side or Low-Side sensing
  • 3V to 5V single supply operation
  • Measured circuit up to 300V AC/DC
  • Analog output proportional to measured current
  • Flexible connection and mounting options
  • Supply Voltage: 3.0 - 5.5v
  • Supply Current: 10-14mA 5V
  • Sensitivity @ 5v Vcc: 10mv/A 2mv
  • Sensitivity @ 3.3v Vcc: 6.5mv/A 1mv
  • Volt at zero current: ½ Vcc
  • Normal operating Temperature: -20 to 85 C
  • Current range @ 5v Vcc: 200A
  • Current range @ 3.3v Vcc: 200A
  • Working voltage: 300V




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