AD8318 RF Logarithmic Detector/Controller 1-8GHZ

The AD8318 is a demodulating logarithmic amplifier, capable of accurately converting an RF input signal to a corresponding decibel-scaled output voltage. The device is used in measurement or controller mode. The AD8318 maintains accurate log conformance for signals of 1 MHz to 6 GHz and provides useful operation to 8 GHz. The input range is typically 60 dB (referenced to 50 Ω) with error less than ±1 dB. The AD8318 has a 10 ns response time that enables RF burst detection to beyond 45 MHz. The device provides unprecedented logarithmic intercept stability vs. ambient temperature conditions.

Quick Spec

  • Operating frequency: 1-8000MHz
  • Dynamic Range: -65dBm to + 5dBm
  • Detection slope: -25 mV / dB (Typical values)
  • Detection output voltage range: 0.5--2.1V
  • Power supply voltage: 7-15VDC (containing the power regulator circuit)
  • Input impedance: 50 ohms




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AD8318 RF Logarithmic Detector/Controller 1-8GHZ

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