AD8495 K-Type Thermocouple Module

The AD8495 K-type thermocouple amplifier from Analog Devices is so easy to use, we documented the whole thing on the back of the tiny PCB. Power the board with 3-18VDC and measure the output voltage on the OUT pin. You can easily convert the voltage to temperature with the following equation: Temperature = (Vout - 1.25) / 0.005 V. So for example, if the voltage is 1.5VDC, the temperature is (1.5 - 1.25) / 0.005 = 50°C

Quick Spec

  • Chipset: AD8495
  • Works with any K type thermocouple
  • Will not work with any other kind of thermocouple other than K type
  • Temp range with 5V power: -250°C to +750°C output (0 to 5VDC)
  • Temp range with 3.3V power: -250°C to +410°C output (0 to 3.3VDC)
  • Sensing Accuracy Range: ± 1°C around room temperature, ± 2°C for −25°C to +400°C

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AD8495 K-Type Thermocouple Module

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