SparkFun Qwiic PCA9615 Differential

The SparkFun Differential I2C Breakout is the fastest and easiest way to extend the range of your I2C communication bus. The breakout uses NXP’s PCA9615 IC, which converts the two default I2C signals into four differential signals, two for SCL and two for SDA. The differential signals are sent over an Ethernet cable, which attaches to the breakout through the on-board RJ-45 connectors The differential signaling allows the I2C signals to reach distances of up to 30m (100ft) while still maintaining their signal integrity. All the communication is enacted exclusively via I2C, utilizing the handy Qwiic system so no soldering is required to connect it to the rest of your system.

The simplicity of the Differential I2C Breakout is one of its biggest appeals. Other I2C communication methods require packetizing I2C communication into another protocol, be it RS-485 or 1-Wire. However, the PCA9615 keeps the I2C protocol by utilizing a differential transceiver.

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Quick Spec

  • Uses the PCA9615 buffer
  • I2C Supply voltage range 2.3-5.5V
  • Differential Supply voltage range 3-5.5V,/li>
  • Draws 16µA of current
  • Extends I2C bus up to 30 meters (100 feet)
  • Data rate up to 400kHz
  • 2x Qwiic Connectors




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  • 1 x SparkFun Qwiic PCA9615 Differential

SparkFun Qwiic PCA9615 Differential

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