• EasyESP-1 ESP8266 Experimenter Board

EasyESP-1 ESP8266 Experimenter Board

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EasyESP-1: An ESP8266 Experimenter Board for Beginners

EasyESP-1 is a rapid prototyping and development board for the low-cost, WiFi-enabled ESP8266 microcontroller, specially designed for beginners. With an onboard USB-to-Serial converter pre-installed, EasyESP-1 does not require any additional hardware to download your application firmware to the ESP8266 chip. The ESP module used in this development board is ESP-12E. All the I/O pins are broken out to 0.1” female headers for easy access, as well as to standard Grove/Crowtail connectors for connecting Grove/Crowtail sensors and other compatible modules. The 180-point breadboard further facilitates experimenting and testing of external circuits connected to the ESP8266 peripherals

Quick Spec

  • Easy access to all GPIO pin through female headers and Grove/Crowtail connectors
  • On-board USB-UART chip for easy programming and debugging
  • 180-point breadboard for experimenting with test circuits
  • On-board 3.3V (800 mA) regulated power supply
  • Two tact switches for user inputs, and one output LED
  • Slide switch to enable/disable auto Wake Up feature during Sleep mode

Board Layout



Shipping List

  • 1 X EasyESP-1 Board

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