BMP280 Baro Sensor - Crowtail Connector

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BMP280 Baro Sensor - Crowtail Connector

The Crowtail-BMP280 Barometer Sensor is a breakout board for Bosch BMP280 high-precision and low-power digital barometer.
It can be used to measure temperature and atmospheric pressure accurately. It can be connected to a microcontroller with I2C. As the atmospheric pressure changes with altitude, it can also measure approximate altitude of a place.


  • Smaller footprint, lower power consumption, lower noise measurements, lower RMS noise.
  • Higher resolutions for pressure and temperature, higher measuring rate.
  • Easy-to-use Crowtail Compatible Interface.
  • Can be used as an altimeter with accuracy of ±1 meter.

Quick Spec

  • Supply Voltage: 5V or 3.3V
  • Current Consumption: 0.6 mA
  • Barometric Pressure Measure Range: 300 – 1100 hPa Accuracy: ±1.0 hPa
  • Temperature Measurement Range: -40 to 85 Accuracy: ±1
  • Interface: I2C
  • Crowtail Port: I2C
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm


Shipping List

  • 1 X BMP280 Baro Sensor - Crowtail Connector

Tags: bmp280, barometer, sensor, crowtail, temperature, pressure, altitude

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