• ESP32 + Cam OV2640 Dev Board

ESP32 + Cam OV2640 Dev Board

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ESP32 + Cam OV2640 Dev Board

The ESP32-CAM has a very competitive small-size camera module that can operate independently as a minimum system with a footprint of only 40 x 27mm and a deep sleep current of up to 6mA. ESP32-CAM can be widely used in various IoT applications. It is suitable for home smart devices, industrial wireless control, wireless monitoring, QR wireless identification, wireless positioning system signals and other IoT applications. It is an ideal solution for IoT applications. The ESP32-CAM adopts DIP package and can be directly inserted into the backplane to realize rapid production of products, providing customers with high-reliability connection mode, which is convenient for application in various IoT hardware terminals.

Quick Spec

  • The smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi BT SoC Module
  • Low power 32-bit CPU,can also serve the application processor
  • Up to 160MHz clock speed,Summary computing power up to 600 DMIPS
  • Built-in 520 KB SRAM, external 4MPSRAM
  • Support OV2640 and OV7670 cameras,Built-in Flash lamp
  • Support image WiFI upload
  • Support TF card
  • Supports multiple sleep modes
  • Embedded Lwip and FreeRTOS
  • Supports STA/AP/STA+AP operation mode
  • Support Smart Config/AirKiss technology
  • Support for serial port local and remote firmware upgrades (FOTA)

Board Layout




Sample Code

#include "esp_camera.h"

// Select camera model
#include "camera_pins.h"

//Credentials: Stark:
//    char ssid[] = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
//    char password[] = "XXXXXXXXXXXXX";
void startCameraServer();

void setup() {

  camera_config_t config;
  config.ledc_channel = LEDC_CHANNEL_0;
  config.ledc_timer = LEDC_TIMER_0;
  config.pin_d0 = Y2_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_d1 = Y3_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_d2 = Y4_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_d3 = Y5_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_d4 = Y6_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_d5 = Y7_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_d6 = Y8_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_d7 = Y9_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_xclk = XCLK_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_pclk = PCLK_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_vsync = VSYNC_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_href = HREF_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_sscb_sda = SIOD_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_sscb_scl = SIOC_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_pwdn = PWDN_GPIO_NUM;
  config.pin_reset = RESET_GPIO_NUM;
  config.xclk_freq_hz = 20000000;
  config.pixel_format = PIXFORMAT_JPEG;
  //init with high specs to pre-allocate larger buffers
    config.frame_size = FRAMESIZE_UXGA;
    config.jpeg_quality = 10;
    config.fb_count = 2;
  } else {
    config.frame_size = FRAMESIZE_SVGA;
    config.jpeg_quality = 12;
    config.fb_count = 1;

  pinMode(13, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(14, INPUT_PULLUP);

  // camera init
  esp_err_t err = esp_camera_init(&config);
  if (err != ESP_OK) {
    Serial.printf("Camera init failed with error 0x%x", err);

  sensor_t * s = esp_camera_sensor_get();
  //initial sensors are flipped vertically and colors are a bit saturated
  if (s->id.PID == OV3660_PID) {
    s->set_vflip(s, 1);//flip it back
    s->set_brightness(s, 1);//up the blightness just a bit
    s->set_saturation(s, -2);//lower the saturation
  //drop down frame size for higher initial frame rate
  s->set_framesize(s, FRAMESIZE_QVGA);

  s->set_vflip(s, 1);
  s->set_hmirror(s, 1);

  WiFi.begin(ssid, password);

  while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
  Serial.println("WiFi connected");


  Serial.print("Camera Ready! Use 'http://");
  Serial.println("' to connect");

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


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