• GT2 Belt Width 6mm - Steel Cord

GT2 Belt Width 6mm - Steel Cord

GT2 belts are commonly used on 3D printers for their accuracy, reliability, and anti-backlash properties. This GT2 belt is made of polyurethane, and specially reinforced with steel cords running the length of the belt. This improves the belts behaviour under tension, minimizing any stretching even after extensive use - meaning the belt will stay taut longer and require less maintenance than regular GT2 belt.

This steel reinforced belt is ever-so-slightly thicker than standard GT2 belt. This usually isn't enough to cause problems, but can make the belt incompatible with some press-fit belt clamps.

Quick Spec

  • Belt Profile: GT2
  • Pitch: 2mm
  • Belt Width: 6mm
  • Material: Steel-reinforced Polyurethane
  • Colour: White

Shipping List

  • 1 x GT2 Belt Width 6mm - Steel Cord (sold per meter)

GT2 Belt Width 6mm - Steel Cord

  • Brand: Generic
  • Product Code: GT2-6MM-SC
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