BME280 Temperature & Humidity Sensor - 5V I2C

The BME280 is an environmental sensor that measures pressure, temperature, and humidity and allows for a comprehensive measurement of the environment. The BME280 sensor has been especially developed for mobile applications and wearables where size and low power consumption are key design parameters. The unit combines high linearity and high accuracy sensors and is perfectly feasible for low current consumption, long-term stability and high EMC robustness. The BME280 sensor offers an extremely fast response time and therefore supports performance requirements for emerging applications such as context awareness, and has a high accuracy over a wide temperature range.
This breakout board also features an on-board 3.3VDC LDO and level shifting circuitry, allowing easier integration into a system running on 5VDC. Both SDA and SCL pins will safely operate at the same level as the VIN pin.

Quick Spec

  • Model: GYBMEP
  • Sensors: Bosch BME280
  • Operating Voltage: 1.8 ~ 5VDC
  • Comms Interface: I2C (Up to 3.4MHz)
  • Current Consumption: 3.6μA @ 1Hz humidity, pressure and temperature
  • Current Consumption: 0.1μA @ 1Hz in sleep mode
  • Humidity and pressure sensors can be independently enabled or disabled
  • Pressure Range: 300 – 1100 hPa (Equiv. to +9000 / -500 meters above / below sea level)
  • Pressure Relative Accuracy (700 to 900hPa @ 25 to 40°C): ±0.12hPa (Equiv. to ±1 meter)
  • Humidity Range: 0 to 100 %RH between 0 and 60°C
  • Humidity Absolute Accuracy Tolerance (20 to 80 %RH @25°C): ±3 %RH
  • Temperature Sensor Range: -40 ~ +85°C
  • Temperature Sensor Absolute Accuracy (0 to 65°C): ±1.0°C
  • Operating Range: -40 to +85°C, 0 to 100% Relative Humidity, 300 to 1100 hPa
  • Standard 2.54mm Header Pin Pitch
  • I2C Address (selectable):
    • SDO LOW: 0x76
    • SDO HIGH: 0x77
  • Dimensions: 13 x 11mm

Wiring Diagram



  • VCC - Supply Voltage (1.8 – 5VDC)
  • GND - Ground
  • SCL - I2C Serial Clock
  • SDA - I2C Serial Data


Code Example

Shipping List

  • 1 x BME280 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • 1 x 4-Pin SIL Male Header

BME280 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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