• Novusun Mach 3 CNC Kit - 20 Piece

Novusun Mach 3 CNC Kit - 20 Piece

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Novusun Mach 3 CNC Kit - 20 Piece

The Mach3 Controller Kit for CNC is one of the most recommended Kits used for CNC Router Machines, CNC Stepper Motors, and CNC Router Milling Machines. This kit contains the Base kit which consists of a 4 Axis Controller Kit, and the powerful NVUM CNC control board. The kit gets you setup with the basic components that you will need for your CNC projects.


Shipping List

  • 4 X 4 Core Shielded Cable (X, Y, Z, A Axis)
  • 3 X 2 Core Shielded Cable (X, Y, Z Axis)
  • 1 X DC Power Cable
  • 1 X E-Stop Switch
  • 3 X Limit Switch Kits
  • 1 X CNC Controller - 4 Axis USB - Novusun
  • 4 X TB6600 4A 40V Stepper Driver
  • 1 X Mean Well Power Supply - 24V 350W

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