MKS 3D Printer Controller - Base

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MKS 3D Printer Controller - Base

The MKS Base boards are based off of the classic Arduino MEGA 2560, RAMPS 1.4, and A4988 trio with some other differences. It uses a PCBA layout that combines many major features of the aforementioned components.
MKS Base V1.0 uses the ATMEGA2560 with 256K flash memory, the same one as the Arduino MEGA 2560. It uses an FTDI FT232R device for the USB/serial connection rather than the ATMEGA16U2 of the ARDUINO MEGA 2560. For power input, it uses the L5970D, replacing the LM1117-5.0, which allows the MKS Base V1.0 to support both 24V and 12V input. The MKS Base V1.0 also uses XH series sockets. Current version is MKS SBASE v1.3.
USB drive adopts 16u2 instend of FT232. The power supply is 2596, support 24V. The motor drive adopts HR4982.

PLEASE NOTE: Is not compatible with the standard Controller Interface

Quick Spec

  • All functions are integrated on the one borad
  • Adopt HR49820 as motor drive
  • 4 layers board, ramps is 2 layers
  • Highquality MOSFET tube, good heat radiation
  • Support 12-24V input
  • Can use open source firmware Marlin
  • Can connect to Ramps1.4, 2004LCD and 12864LCD controller board directly

Board Layout



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