Pify Audio DAC For Raspberry Pi

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Pify Audio DAC For Raspberry Pi

PiFi HIFI DAC+ Digital Audio Card Pinboard designed For Raspberry PI 2 Model B +, adopt high-end DAC chip PCM5122 of TI Company.You can setup internet HIFI player by Volumio or xbmc system

Quick Spec

  • Use I2S interface rather than USB, which can control volume via hardware.(While the old version DAC for Raspberry PI B with the chip PCM5102 do not have this function)
  • Two output interface to connect Amplifier
  • Upgrade DAC Chip and adopt I2S interface, users can adjust volume and audio parameter via I2C interface
  • Support 16-32 bit Audio Data Format and sampling rate higher than 384kHZ
  • Chip PCM5122 can integrate Negative Charge Pump; No need DC blocking capacitors for output; Support load lower than 1kΩ, and PCM510xA can drive several products in parallel
  • Output interface adopt gilded RCV double terminals and gilded headphones seat in 3.5mm
  • Design with Isolated Power; No welding
  • Double color LED, red light for indicating DAC power, green light for operating condition
  • adopts gold plating and arc traces, which can reduce signal reflections and refractions
  • IR receive function


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