PYSCAN + RFID-NFC + Accel + Antenna

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PYSCAN + RFID-NFC + Accel + Antenna

Pyscan is a sensor shield you can use with any of your Pycom multi-network development boards! Featuring an accelerometer, ambient light sensor and NFC/RFID antenna.

Quick Spec

  • 3 axis 12-bit accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • RFID-NFC Chip
  • USB port with serial access
  • LiPo battery charger
  • MicroSD card compatibility
  • Ultra low power operation (~1uA in deep sleep)
  • NFC / RFID Antenna included
  • Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 10mm
  • Weight: 32g



Use with Pybytes

Crafted by a group of Pycom back-end experts, the Pybytes platform is everything there needs to be in place to gather, organise and display your data free of charge in the cloud. Regardless of whether you are a company, IoT system architect, or an ambitious tech hobbyist we’ll soon get you connected.


Shipping List

  • 1 X PYSCAN
  • 1 X NFC/RFID Antenna

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