SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver - DRV2605L

Ready to add some good vibes to your project? Look no further than the SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver. This board breaks out Texas Instruments' DRV2605L Haptic Motor Driver, which adds meaningful feedback from your devices using the breakout and an Arduino-compatible device.

The DRV2605L is capable of driving two different types of motors, ERM and LRA. It is important to know, however, that the default firmware for the DRV2605L is set for use with ERM type motors. We have created an Arduino library that makes the DRV2605L easy to use with six different ERM effects and one LRA effect.

The SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver breakout board features six pins to provide power to the sensor and I2C bus. Additionally, a microcontroller that supports I2C is required to communicate with the DRV2605L and relay the data to the user by means of vibration.

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Quick Spec

  • Flexible Haptic and Vibration Driver for both ERM and LRA type motors
  • I2C Controlled Digital Playback Engine
  • Audio to Vibe
  • PWM input with 0–100% Duty-Cycle Control Range
  • Hardware Trigger Input
  • Built-in Waveform Sequencer and Trigger


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  • 1 x SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver - DRV2605L

SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver - DRV2605L

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