LIDAR 360 Degree

The RPLIDAR A2M8 adopts the low cost laser triangulation measurement system developed by SLAMTEC, which makes the RPLIDAR A2 performance excellent in all kinds of indoor environment and outdoor environment without direct sunlight exposure. Meanwhile, before leaving the factory, every RPLIDAR A2 has passed the strict testing to ensure the laser output power meets the standards of FDA Class I.

The core of RPLIDAR A2 runs clockwise to perform a 360 degree omnidirectional laser range scanning for its surrounding environment and then generate an outline map for the environment. RPLIDAR improves the internal optical design and algorithm system to make the sample rate up to 8000 times, which is the highest in the current economical LIDAR industry. With the custom special parts and the carefully designed internal mechanical system, the RPLIDAR A2 keeps its excellent performance while cut the thickness to only 4cm. It is ideal for all kinds of service robot. Compared with the traditional belt drive mode, RPLIDAR A2 uses the self-designed brushless motor to reduce the mechanical friction in running. Therefore, the RPLIDAR A2 can run smoothly without any noise.


  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Autonomous Mapping
  • Route Planning
  • Navigation

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Quick Spec

  • Model: RPLDIAR-A2M8
  • Distance Range: 0.15 - 12 m
  • Angular Range: 0-360 degree
  • Distance Resolution: <0.5 (0.15~1.5 meters)
    • <1% of the distance (All distance range)
  • Angular Resolution: 0.9 degree
  • Sample Duration: 0.25 millisecond
  • Sample Frequency: ≥ 4000Hz
  • Scan Rate: 10Hz
  • Power Supply: 5V
  • Sample Rate: 8000 Sa/s
  • Weight: 340g





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LIDAR 360 Degree

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