• 4D Systems Round 1.13" TFT Kit

4D Systems Round 1.13" TFT Kit

Not all development environments and features will be needed by every user, however by purchasing the display solution in a Starter Kit, it ensures that if you want to take full advantage of the 4D Systems display solution and try out each of the 4D Workshop4 Environments, upgrade PmmC/firmware, you can.

The Designer environment can utilise every feature of the display, however depending on the user requirements, a micro-SD (μSD) card may not be required. The μSD card is used when displaying images/video/sound, along with datalogging to μSD, and a programming cable is definitely required for downloading compiled code and PmmC/Firmware updates.

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Shipping List

  • 1 x Round 1.13" Display module
  • 1 x Arduino Shield adapter
  • 1 x Connection cable
  • 1 x uUSB-PA5 programmer
  • 1 x Header strips

4D Systems Round 1.13" TFT Kit

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