Qwiic Relay

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Qwiic Relay

Have you ever wanted to control something powerful? Have you ever needed to turn on/off a high power device from your Arduino? Now you can with the Qwiic Relay! This device allows you to control large power loads with simple I2C commands. The Qwiic Relay is perfect for large inductive loads like DC motors.

The Qwiic Relay comes with a default I2C address but can be changed with a simple command allowing you to control over 100 Qwiic Relays on a single bus! (Toggling lots of relays on a 3.3V bus can cause voltage spikes. An external power supply will be required)

The Qwiic Relay comes fully assembled and uses the simple Qwiic interface. No soldering, no voltage translation, no figuring out which pin is SDA or SCL, just plug and go!

Note: Because of minimal isolation from the top copper pour, this board is not recommended for switching dangerous loads (such as 120/220VAC)


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