Qwiic Non-Contact Thermometer

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Qwiic Non-Contact Thermometer

Have you ever used one of those non-contact temp guns? This is the newest and smallest version of that sensor. Point the MLX90632 at an object and remotely get its temperature within 1 degree C. This is a fun little sensor to play with!

The MLX90632 is basically MLX90614 but in the smaller and easier to use SMD package. The MLX90632 has a shocking resolution of 0.02C from -20 to 85C, a very low supply current of 1mA, and a field of view of 50 degrees. Default read rate is 0.5s per measurement.

The SparkX carrier board has a jumper to control the I2C address, remove the pull up resistors if needed, and two Qwiic connectors to get you up and running very quickly.

The formulas to get this device to work are complex and require 64-bit operations. We’ve got a library available here that is available through the Arduino library manager as well. Search for ‘SparkFun MLX90632’.

Quick Spec

  • External ambient and object temperature
  • calculation
  • Measurement resolution of 0.02°C
  • Supply voltage of 3.3V, supply current 1mA (sleep current less than 2.5uA)
  • I2C compatible digital interface
  • Software definable I2C address with 1 LSB bit external address pin
  • Field of View of 50°
  • Default refresh rate 0.5s, configurable between 16ms and 2s
  • Integrated post-calibration option


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  • 1 X Qwiic Non-Contact Thermometer

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