DS202 Digital Storage Ocs + Touch

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DS202 Digital Storage Ocs + Touch

This is the upgrade version of the DS201 pocket size oscilloscope. The DS202 uses touch screen to make the controlling more user-friendly, users can easily operate it with the gestures of one-click, double-click, press and slide. The DS202 is equipped with 320*240 color display, 8M Memory Card (U Disk), and chargeable Lithium batteries.

Quick Spec

  • Analog bandwidth: 2MHz
  • Max sample rate: 10MHz
  • Sample memory depth: 8K
  • Analog Input impedance: 1MΩ
  • Max input voltage:±40v
  • Coupling\u010f\u017a\u0161AC/DC
  • Analog input sensitivity: 10mV/Div\u010f\u02dd\u017e10V/Div (1-2-5 Step)
  • Vertical position: Adjustable with indicator
  • Horizontal sensitivity: 1uS/Div\u010f\u02dd\u017e10S/Div (1-2-5 Step)
  • Horizontal position: adjustable with indicator Independent Channel Display:-A,-B,A+B,A-B,RecA,RecB
  • Trig modes: Auto, Norma, Single, None and Scan
  • Rising/falling edge trigger ,Maximize/Minimize level trigger
  • Automatic measurement: frequency, cycle, duty, peak/effective/Maximum/Min/average NO.of Voltage
  • Test signal: Built-in 10Hz\u010f\u02dd\u017e1MHz or 10\u010f\u02dd\u017e20kHz
  • Analog sine wave/ Triangle wave/ Sawtooth Wave
  • Waveform storage: 8MB Memory
  • Built-in: 600mAh Chargeable Lithium battery / USB
  • Color TFT LCD display Resolution: 320×240 Input: Capacitive touch and slide gesture
  • Dimension: 100mm X 56mm X 10mm
  • Open Source


Shipping List

  • 1 X DS202 Oscilloscope
  • 1 X DSO Instruction Booklet
  • 1 X Combined Probe
  • 1 X Hex Key
  • 1 X DSO Hook

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