4D Systems Tiny Hard Disk Drive 2GB

The microDRIVE (uDRIVE-uSD-G1) is an extremely compact high performance Embedded Disk Drive" module that can be easily added to any micro-controller design that requires a DOS compatible file and data storage system. Most micro-controllers have small and limited on-chip memory. For those applications that require large volumes of data, the micro-DRIVE integrates the GOLDELOX processor onto a tiny 'drop-in-module'. A simple serial interface is all that is required to take away the burden of low level design that would otherwise be required for the host controller.

The microDRIVE module utilises off the shelf removable microSD memory cards and microSDHC cards of up to 32GB of capacity, provided the microSD card is SPI Compatible. Non SPI Compatible cards cannot be used with this product. A handful of straightforward commands provide direct access to the onboard memory card for storing and retrieving any size or type of data. Access to the card can be at (FAT based) file levels or at raw disk byte levels. Applications can range from data logging, program storage, music files, image and video files or any type of general purpose data storage. So next time your host micro-controller application requires a file/data storage, the micro-DRIVE maybe the ideal solution.

The microDRIVE module is capable of having a 32GB microSDHC card inserted. However, due to the nature of the system, not all of this can be addressed. If using FAT, then a max of 4GB can be accessed and addressed. If using RAW, then a max of 8GB can be accessed and addressed. If using a combination of FAT and RAW, then a max of 12GB can be accessed and addressed.

Quick Spec

  • General purpose data storage device with a simple serial interface that can be added to any design in a wide range of embedded applications
  • DOS compatible file access (FAT16 format) as well as low level access to card memory
  • On board microSD memory card interface and adaptor
  • Hardware and software interface for SD, microSD or MMC memory cards for multimedia storage and data logging purposes
  • HC memory card support is also available for HC cards larger than 4Gb
  • Memory cards must be SPI Compatible
  • Simple serial commands provide full read-write access to the card
  • Easy 5 pin interface to any host device:
    • VCC
    • TX
    • RX
    • GND
    • RESET
  • Serial UART interface (TTL levels) with autobaud feature from 300 to 256K baud rates
  • On-board Status LEDs:
    • GREEN: Power and Memory Card detect indicator
    • RED: Drive data access indicator
  • 3.6V to 5.5V range operation
  • Tiny footprint: 14.9 x 18.9 x 3.5mm
  • Weight ~1.5g
  • RoHS Compliant


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4D Systems Tiny Hard Disk Drive 2GB

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