• SmartDRIVE - Datalogger Processor - End of Line

SmartDRIVE - Datalogger Processor


Please note, this product has been retired and is no longer available.

The SmartDRIVE is a powerful, high quality, easy to use professional development board with FAT File System management. Its the perfect embedded tool to any datalogger or high-end data storage application, as its the most complete and advanced FAT processor in the market + the unique that support LFN(Long File Names) and nested Directories or Folders. From any microSD card, the SmartDRIVE can Read, Write, Create, Rename, Move, Copy, set Date-Time, Modify, List, Rewritte, Delete, Nest, and much more... Files and Folders or Directories.

The module has on board a microSDHC card socket supporting up to 32GB of data storage capacity with the integrated FAT/FAT12/FAT16 and FAT32 windows PC universal format. The module offers a simple, yet effective serial UART interface to any host micro-controller(8051, PIC, ATMEL, FREESCALE, STMICRO, ARM, CORTEX, ARDUINO, ST, FPGA, MBED, or PC(USB-UART SX)).

All Data Management related functions can be called using simple commands via the serial interface. The SmartDRIVE makes seeing all the other embedded dataloggers out there as simple toys, don't settle with basic dataloggers if you can have all the power in a simple to use, powerfull device. In addition, the SmartDRIVE has a extra general purpose Serial Port(UART), 4 ADC(Analog to Digital Converters) channels to easy log analog values, 3 PWM channels to directly drive servos, control motors, fade leds or any other application that requires PWM.

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SmartDRIVE - Datalogger Processor - End of Line

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