Micro:Bit 1.8" Color Display

This is a colorful display module designed for the BBC Micro:Bit, 1.8inch diagonal, 160x128 pixels, capable of displaying 65K colors. Tired of the 5x5 LED matrix? Time to get a tiny monitor for your Micro:Bit.

Quick Spec

  • Driver: ST7735S
  • Resolution: 160x128
  • Display color: RGB, 65K colors
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Dimension: 61mm x 51.5mm
  • Micro:Bit edge connector, directly pluggable
  • Embedded driver ST7735S, supports 65K colors
  • Onboard SRAM 23LC1024, used as display cache, no more out of memory
  • SPI interface, takes up only a few IO pins
  • Backlight adjustment via PWM
  • Reserved solder pads for control interface, make it easy to connect with Arduino/Nucleo boards




 PIN   micro:bit PIN   DESCRIPTION 
 VCC   3V3   Power 
 GND   GND   Ground 
 MISO   P14   SPI data master input/slave output 
 MOSI   P15   SPI data master output/slave input 
 SCK   P13   SPI clock input 
 LCD_CS   P16   LCD chip selection 
 RAM_CS   P2   SRAM chip selection 
 DC   P12   LCD catalog/command 
 RST   P8   LCD reset 
 BL   P1   LCD backlight 


Shipping List

  • 1 x Micro:Bit 1.8" Color Display

Micro:Bit 1.8" Color Display

  • Brand: Waveshare
  • Product Code: W14718
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