Wave RS485 HAT For Pi

The RS485 CAN HAT will enables your Pi to communicate with other devices stably in long-distance via RS485/CAN functions. The HAT is compatible with all the Raspberry Pi's (Zero, Zero W, Zero WH, 2B, 3B, 3B+), the onboard CAN controller MCP2515 via SPI interface, with transceiver SN65HVD230. The RS485 function, controlled via UART, half-duplex communication, with transceiver SP3485 and has reserved control pins, which allows it to work with other control boards.


Quick Spec

  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • CAN controller: MCP2515
  • CAN transceiver: SN65HVD230
  • 485 transceiver: SP3485
  • Dimension: 65mm x 30mm
  • Mounting hole size: 3.0mm




PIN     Raspberry Pi (BCM)   DESCRIPTION
3V3 3V3 3.3V Power
GND GND Ground
SCK P11/SCLK SPI clock input
MOSI P10/MOSI SPI data input
MISO P9/MISO SPI data output
CS P8/CE0 SPI chip selection
INT P25 Interrupt
RXD P15/RXD RS485 UART receive
TXD P14/TXD RS485 UART transmit
RSE P4 RS485 RX/TX setting, high for TX, low for RX  


Shipping List

  • 1 x Wave RS485 HAT For Pi
  • 1 x RPi screws pack (2pcs)

Wave RS485 HAT For Pi

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