Digital Power Supply 60V 480W 8A

This XY6008 is a digital buck (step-down) power supply, capable of proving up to 60V, 480W of power. The XY6008 has a 1.8 inch colour LCD display which displays the main power interface, the capacity record interface, the voltage/current curve, as well as various settings. The XY6008 can also be wirelessly controlled with the provided remote.


Quick Spec

  • Input Voltage Range: 6-70V
  • Output Voltage Range: 0-60V
  • Output Current Range: 0-8A
  • Output Power Range: 0-480W
  • Input Voltage Measurement Resolution: 0.01V
  • Output Voltage Setting Measurement Resolution: 0.01V
  • Current Setting Measurement Resolution: 0.001A
  • Input Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ± (1%+5 words)
  • Output Voltage Setting and Measurement Accuracy: (0.4%+1 word)
  • Output Current Setting and Measurement Accuracy: ±(0.5%+3 words)
  • Typical Output Ripple: 100mv VPP
  • Product Working Temperature Range: -10 ~ +40℃
  • Capacity Measurement Range: 0-99999Ah
  • Energy Measurement Range: 0-99999Wh
  • Statistical Error of Capacity and Energy: ±2%
  • Running Time Measurement Range: 0-1000h
  • Maximum Output Voltage: (input voltage ÷ 1.1) -2
  • The cooling fan is turned on: current > 2A power > 50W temperature > 50℃
  • The cooling fan is turned on and turned off: current < 1.5A power < 45W temperature < 45℃
  • Over Temperature Protection: 110℃ by default
  • Screen Brightness Setting: 0-5 total 6 levels
  • Display Screen: 1.8-inch color LCD display
  • Dimensions: 125 x 55 x 35mm

Shipping List

  • 1 x Digital Power Supply 60V 480W 8A
  • Please Note power source not included !

Digital Power Supply 60V 480W 8A

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