Adafruit Power Relay FeatherWing

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Adafruit Power Relay FeatherWing

A Feather board without ambition is a Feather board without FeatherWings! This is the Power Relay FeatherWing. It gives you power to control, and control over power. Put simply, you can now turn on and off lamps, fans, solenoids, and other small appliances that run on up to 250VAC or DC power using any Feather board. Compared to our smaller Relay FeatherWings, this one can handle a beefy 1200 Watts!

This Wing has a non-latching type relay. You can switch up to 10A of resistive-load current at 120VAC, 5A at 240VAC. With inductive loads, about half that. Check the datasheet for the relay for the exact switching capacity, as it depends on type of load and voltage type and magnitude. This relay is good for handling fairly large devices, computers, TVs, small appliances and more.

Quick Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 51.0mm x 23.0mm x 20.2mm
  • Product Weight: 16.8g


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  • 1 x Adafruit Power Relay FeatherWing

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