• Adafruit USB + Serial LCD backpack

Adafruit USB + Serial LCD backpack

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Adafruit USB + Serial LCD backpack

Inside this backpack is an USB-capable AT90USB162 chip that listens for commands both a mini-B USB port and a TTL serial input wire. The USB interface shows up as a COM/serial port on Windows/Mac/Linux. The backpack will automatically select data from whichever input is being used. For the USB connection, it will work at any baud rate. For the TTL connection, the default baud rate is 9600 but you can send it a command to set the baud rate to 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 28800, or 57600 baud. (The baud rate is flashed on the LCD during powerup). Any customizations such as baud rate, backlight color, brightness, splash screen, etc. are stored permanently EEPROM.

Quick Specs

  • Compatible with any 'standard' 16x2 or 20x4 character LCD as well as any Adafruit RGB LCD.
  • Full PWM backlight control
  • Supports the following Matrix Orbital commands:
  • Autoscrolling
  • Baud rate adjust
  • Clear screen
  • Change splash
  • Auto-wrap
  • Set cursor
  • Home
  • Move cursor
  • Underline/Block cursor
  • Create custom characters
  • Save custom character bank
  • Load custom character bank
  • Display On/Off
  • Set brightness
  • Set contrast
  • General Purpose Outputs (4)

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