Teensy 3.2 XBee Adapter

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Teensy 3.2 XBee Adapter

The Teensy is an amazing development platform that allows you to get more computing power than an Arduino Uno, and in less space. The Teensy 3.1 XBee Adapter allows you to connect your Teensy with the tried and true XBee series to provide you with a great solution to any project that requires a decently ranged no-frills wireless serial link.

Teensy 3.1 Adapter
  1. Teensy 3.1 (and LC) footprint - Connect the Teensy here
  2. UART1/S-UART switch - Select which serial pins are connected to the XBee (pins 0/1 for the hardware UART, pins 20/21 for the software UART)
  3. XBee socket - Plug the XBee in here matching silkscreen shape
  4. VIN/EXT jumper - short to source Teensy power from the EXT_IN pins
  5. XBee status LEDs - shows data movement, signal strength, and digital IO pin 5 (XBee signals)
  6. Spare ground connections - my gift to you!
  7. TNSY/EXT jumper - selects the source of power for the XBee (Teensy onboard regulator or EXT_IN)
  8. Power LED - shows if XBee is getting power
  9. EXT_PWR in - Supply regulated 3.3v here only when necessary
  10. XBee reset switch - resets the XBee


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