• ATTINY85 Module - Arduino Core

ATTINY85 Module - Arduino Core

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ATTINY85 Module

Digispark designed the original Tiny85 module, similar to the Arduino line, but cheaper. It caters for projects that need a low IO pin count.

Quick Spec

  • Support for the Arduino IDE 1.0+
  • Power via USB or External Source - 5v or 7-35v (12v or less recommended)
  • On-board 500ma 5V Regulator
  • Built-in USB
  • 6 I/O Pins (2 are used for USB only if your program actively communicates over USB, otherwise you can use all 6)
  • 8k Flash Memory (about 6k after bootloader)
  • I2C and SPI (vis USI)
  • PWM on 3 pins (more possible with Software PWM)
  • ADC on 4 pins
  • Power LED and Test/Status LED
  • Size:2x1.7cm(approx)

Shipping List

  • 1 x ATTINY85 Module
  • 1 x Header Pins

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