Analog Panel Meter 50uA

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Analog Panel Meter 50uA

Analog panel meters are easier to read quickly compared to LEDs.
This one is fairly large and is easy to open up the front with two screws and replace the gauge. There's a 'zero adjust' as well. The back has four 3mm (4-40) screws, 6.5cm apart, so its easy to attach to a box or enclosure.
To use with a digital output microcontroller (such as an Arduino or AVR), connect the black wire to ground, a resistor in series with the red wire and the other side of the resistor to a PWM output. Then sweep the output from 0 to 100% PWM to swing the meter. The resistor should be = (Power supply Voltage) * 20,000. So for a 5V supply, 100Kohm. For a 3.3V supply, 66Kohm.

Quick Spec

  • Size: 3.125" (8 cm) square, 1.25" thick (the panel is 0.5", the coil sticks out another 0.75")
  • Measures: can be used with any power supply
  • Weighs 2.7oz (77g)


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