• Universal Programmable Timer + Display

Universal Programmable Timer + Display

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Universal Programmable Timer + Display

This is a very handy programmable timer module with 4 different programmable modes. The 3 digit display show the countdown. Small, compact and easy to setup. 

Quick Spec

  • Opto Isolated on Trigger Input and Relay driver stage. 
  • Supply Voltage: 12V or 24 DC
  • Trigger Voltage: 4 - 20V DC
  • Model Number: YYC-2
  • Standby Current: 20mA
  • Load DC 30V 5A or AC 220V 5A
  • PCB Size: 64 * 35 * 18mm

Board Layout

How to use the Timer

  • After Power ON, press Function key K1 for 2 seconds.
  • Pressing K1 will step through 4 program modes, P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4
  • Press K2 to Enter into the mode. Once in the mode press K2 to select digit
  • Press K3 to step through values 0-9


  • P-1: On Trigger, the relay close and countdown timer start, when time is up, the relay open. 
  • P-2: On Trigger, countdown timer T1 start, after T1 seconds the Relay close, timer T2 start countdown, after T2 sec relay close
  • P-3: Loop Mode, when timer T1 finish countdown, Relay close, when timer T2 finish, Relay open and process repeat itself. User can set T1 and T2
  • P-4: On Trigger Relay open, when Trigger is removed, countdown start, Relay closes when the time is up


1.After modes selection, short press K1 can switch modes among A/B/C; the tube will not display A, B or C, users need to short press K1 for signal trigger(default mode A)

2.There are 2 groups of time in P-2 and P-3, users need to adjust the time; press K2 6 times for a cycle, the first 3 times for adjusting one, and the last 3 times for the other(blue indicator on: setting time for relay-close; indicator off: setting time for relay-open).

Application Circuit

Controlling a external 220v Load

Shipping List

  • 1 x Universal Programmable Timer + Display

Tags: timer, programmable, module, breakout, YYC-2

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