• Wantai Stepper Motor Driver 4.2A

Wantai Stepper Motor Driver 4.2A

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Stepper Motor Driver 4.2A

The DQ542MA stepper driver from Wantai Motors has a proven track record and very reliable. It is a more expensive that our TB6600 entry level driver, but the DQ542MA offer much better startup current and the driver produce much better torques at low RPM with less vibration. If are your planning to build a quality CNC machine we recommend the robust DQ542MA driver.

Quick Spec

  • Supply voltage 18VDC to 50VDC
  • Opto-isolated signal I/O
  • 8 channels output phase current setting
  • Maxc Output Current - up to 4.2A
  • High start speed
  • Protection Overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent, phase short circuit protection

Jumper Setting

Micro Step Resolution - SW 5,6,7,8

The Micro Step resolution is set by SW5,6,7 and 8. Microstepping is a way of moving the stepper more smoothly than in full- or half-step drive modes. This results in less vibration, and makes noiseless stepping possible down to 0␣ Hz. It also makes smaller step angles and better positioning possible. . Microstepping can be used to solve noise and resonance problems, and to increase step accuracy and resolution. Read more about Microstepping 

Semiflow Function - SW4 (Standstill current setting)

SW4 is used for this purpose. OFF meaning that the standstill current is set to be half of the selected dynamic current and ON meaning that standstill is set to be the same as the selected dynamic current.

Output Current Settings

The first three bits (SW 1, 2, 3)of the DIP switch are used to set the dynamic current. Select a setting. Closest to your motor’s required current

Product Video

Shipping List

  • 1 x DQ542MA Stepper Driver

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