FeatherWing Doubler - Prototyping Add-on

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FeatherWing Doubler - Prototyping Add-on

This is the FeatherWing Doubler - a prototyping add-on and more for all Feather boards. This is similar to our FeatherWing Proto except there are two! The magic of the Doubler comes when stacking a Feather and another board on top of the Doubler so you can work with both boards simultaneously side-by-side! The Doubler, like the Proto, has a duplicate breakout for each pin on a Feather, as well as a bunch of plain grid proto holes. Also, the two sets of pins are cross connected and for GND and 3.3V, we give you a full strip of connected pads.

You'll need to solder on the female headers or stacking headers however you like, the Doubler comes as a mini kit!

Quick Specs

  • PCB Dimensions: 50.9mm x 47mm x 1.6mm
  • Weight: 6.7g


Shipping List

  • 1 x Doubler PCB
  • 1 x set Feather Stacking Headers
  • 1 x set Feather Female Headers

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