18650 Shield - Power Module

This 18650 battery shield is used to charge and power an Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 expansion board via the USB output (type A) or directly using the 6 outputs (soldering pin) available on each side of the board (5V or 3V). The shield has a charging circuit (not protected against polarity inversions). An LED indicates the progress of the battery charge (Green = charged, red = charging).

Quick Spec

  • Power supply: 5 to 8V via micro USB port up to 0.5A
  • Output power
    • 5V via USB Type A port
    • 3 connectors to deliver 3V up to 1A
    • 3 connectors to deliver 5V up to 2A
  • Misc: 1 USB output, LED for the state of charge (green = battery charged, red = charging)
  • Battery protection (overcharging or over-discharging). Attention, no protection in case of reverse polarity
  • Dimensions: 98 x 29 mm

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  • 1 X 18650 Shield - Power Module

18650 Shield - Power Module

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