• Female Header 2X36 (2 Pack)

Female Header 2X36 (2 Pack)

Each pack contains 2 x dual row female 36-pin long headers, 0.1" pitch, that can be stacked next to each other on a 0.1" grid. They aren't 'break-away' style but can be cut manually with diagonal cutters or thin hacksaw - we suggest to sacrifice one socket connector by cutting in the middle of it. They're even gold plated so they wont oxidize!

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  • 2 x Female Header 2X36

Female Header 2X36 (2 Pack)

  • Brand: Generic
  • Product Code: FH-2X36
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    Centurion In Stock FX2-11 / U92
    Stellenbosch In Stock FX2-11 / U92
  • R16.00 (Inc Tax: R18.40)

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