3D Printer 100K NTC Thermistor

3D Printer 100K NTC Thermistor
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3D Printer 100K NTC Thermistor - Super Accurate

Thermistors are used to meausure temperature of various components like the extruder and heated bed. This thermistor is a 1% tolerance and so, it more accurately reads temperature than most of the thermistors available. PTFE sleeving and PTFE heatshrink are recommended to protect and insulate the wires (see accessories). The default EPCOS 100k thermistor table is close, we will be uploading a custom table soon.


  • Glass Encapsulated
  • 1% Tolerance for Precision
  • Beta Value 3974
  • Temperatures to 300 Degrees C
  • Extremely Fast Response Due to Low Mass
  • Bare Leads (PTFE sleeving recommended)