IOIO Board for Android

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IOIO Board for Android

The IOIO (pronounced "yo-yo") is a board specially designed to work with your Android 1.5 and later device. The board provides robust connectivity to an Android device via a USB or Bluetooth connection and is fully controllable from within an Android application using a simple and intuitive Java API - no embedded programming or external programmer will ever be needed! The IOIO board contains a single MCU that acts as a USB host and interprets commands from an Android app.

Quick Spec

  • GND pins (9 pins): Ground connection.
  • VIN pins (3 pins): Used for power supply to the board. Max (5V-15V)
  • 5V pins (3 pins): Normally used as 5V output 
  • Can be used as 5V input in case VIN is not connected.
  • 3.3V pins (3 pins): 3.3V output.
  • I/O pins (48 pins, numbered 1-48): General purpose I/O pins.
  • power LED: Lights when the IOIO is getting power.
  • stat LED: Lights briefly during power-up
  • mclr pin: Not normally used.
  • Charge current trimmer (CHG):
  • Turning in the (+) direction increases charge current



Shipping List

  • 1 x IOIO Board

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