SHT10 Temp/ Humidity Sensor Brick

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Electronic Brick - SHT10 Temperature / Humidity Sensor

SHT10 is a digital relative temperature sensor with two-wire interface, ultra-small size, wide voltage range, wide measurable temperature range and high resolution, which can be used in temperature control, industrial systems and consumer products

Quick Specs

  • Temperature accuracy: ±5 ℃
  • Temperature range: 40 - 123.8 ℃
  • Brick Power Supply: 3.3V or  5V
  • Board Size: 33mm X 14mm X 1.6mm
  • Brick Ready Connector 
  • Weight: 15g


  • Brick: 4 Pin Parallel

Board Layout


Shipping List

  • 1 x SHT10 Temp/ Humidity Sensor Brick

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