• Voltage Regulator 5V or 3.3V@7A Vin 4.5-24V - End of Line

Volt Regulator 5V or 3.3V@7A Input 4.5-24V


These buck (step-down) voltage regulators from Pololu generate lower, user-selectable output voltages from an input voltage range of 4.5 to 24 V. They are switching regulators (also called switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) or DC-to-DC converters) and have a typical (when the output current is several amps) efficiency of approximately 90%, which is much more efficient than linear voltage regulators especially when the difference between the input and output voltage is large. The output voltage defaults to 5 V and can be changed to 3.3 V by jumping 3V3 SELECT. The regulator has under-voltage and short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown prevents damage from overheating. The board has reverse-voltage protection.

Quick Spec

  • Input Range 4.5 - 24v
  • Output 3.3V or 5V @ 7A Continious

Board Layout

pololu 2111

Quick Spec

  • input voltage: 4.5 V to 24 V
  • typical continuous output current: 7 A 
  • Output voltage selectable as 5 V or 3.3 V
  • 700 kHz switching frequency
  • 45 mA typical no-load quiescent current
  • Integrated over-temperature and over-current shutoff
  • small size: 48 × 15 × 8 mm
  • weight without header pins: 6 g


Shipping List

pololu 2111
  • 1 X Voltage Regulator 5V or 3.3V@7A Vin 4.5-24V
  • 1 X Screw Terminal Set
  • 1 X Header Set

Voltage Regulator 5V or 3.3V@7A Vin 4.5-24V - End of Line

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