Linear Actuator 200MM STROKE - 42MM/S - 125N

Linear Actuator 200MM STROKE - 42MM/S - 125N
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Linear Actuator 200MM STROKE - 42MM/S - 125N

This 12 V linear actuator can be used in a variety of heavy-duty applications. The actuators are 12V DC gearmotors that use a worm drive to move a shaft back and forth along its length. The worm drive ensures that the shaft will hold its position even when unpowered. Two limits switches safely stop the motor at either end of its range, while integrated diodes allow it to reverse direction after reaching a limit point if the supplied voltage is reversed. The actuators are mostly metal, and the entire case is sealed to protect against dust and water. 


  • Input Voltage - 12V
  • Load Capacity - 500N
  • Max.Speed - 10mm/s
  • Standard Stroke - 200mm
  • Duty Cycle - 10% (Max.2 min on 18 min off)
  • Operation Temperature - 0ºC~40ºC

Using the actuator

To test-drive the actuator, simply connect a power source of up to 12 V to the motor leads. Reversing the applied voltage will reverse the direction of motion. A motor controller or motor driver is required for electronic speed and direction control. We recommend our Jrk Motor Controllers for use with the feedback actuators and the Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7 for controlling the actuators without feedback, though many of our other motor controllers and motor drivers are capable of powering this actuator.

Outline Dimensions (S = 200MM) 


​Demo Video 

Shipping List 

  • 1 x Linear Actuator Model ZGB758-042
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket