Keyboard Mini Wireless 2.4GHz

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2.4G Ultra Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Add a miniature wireless controller to your computer project with this combination keyboard and touchpad. We found the smallest wireless USB keyboard available, a mere 6" x 2.4" x 0.5" (152mm x 59mm x 12.5mm)! It's small but usable to make a great accompaniment to a computer such as the Beagle Bone or Raspberry Pi. The keyboard itself is battery powered (there's a rechargeable battery inside that you charge up via the included USB cable).

The keyboard communicates back to the computer via 2.4 GHz wireless link (not Bluetooth) The keyboard can only be used with a USB-host such as a computer. Its not intended to be used with an Arduino or Basic Stamp, etc. We tested it with the Raspberry Pi and it works great: uses only one USB port for both mouse and keyboard.

mini keyboard wireless

Quick Spec

  • Perfect for tablet pcs make instant messaging a breeze
  • 2.4G wireless receiver integrated design
  • 90-degree flip touchpad
  • Innovative design of Navigation keys
  • Windows Multimedia Control
  • Laserpointer with remote control
  • Qwerty full function mini keyboard
  • Enjoy the functions of a notebook withouth a notebook
  • Max operating distance
  • The perfect business gift
  • The ideal keyboard, touchpad and laser pointer combination
  • While lying on the sofa control the living room computer , the internet, trade stocks
  • Built-in Battery rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Shipping List

  • 2.4G Ultra Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad
  • USB dongle adapter
  • USB cable

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