Waveshare UNO Plus - Arduino Compatible

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Waveshare UNO Plus - Arduino Compatible

The UNO PLUS is a development board compatible with the Arduino UNO R3, an improved & enhanced alternative solution for Arduino UNO R3.

Quick Specs

  • Operating voltage: 5V/3.3V, Dual voltage level to support more shields.
  • Reset: Lateral button that is easier to use when connecting with shield.
  • Bootloader switch: Yes, the board can be configured to run a program immediately when powerered-up by the switch.
  • USB connector: Micro USB.
  • DC jack: Low profile.
  • Power output header: Yes, providing 5V/3.3V power output OR common-grounding with other boards.
  • 3.3V power output: 800mA Max.
  • Oscillator: Crystal oscillator.
  • ADC channels: 8.
  • USB driver: Compatible with all main systems, onboard FT232.
  • No extra programmer required.

Board Layout

  1. ATMEGA328P-AU
  2. AMS1117-3.3 : 3.3V voltage regulator
  3. NCP1117ST50T3G : 5V voltage regulator
  4. FT232RL : USB to UART convertor
  5. Arduino interface compatible with standard Arduino interface
  6. ICSP interface MICRO USB connector
  7. Micro USB Connector
  8. Power Ourput Header - 5V & GND
  9. FT232 pins
  10. DC input : 7V ~ 12V
  11. Reset button
  12. Power indicator
  13. Serial port Rx/Tx indicator
  14. User LED
  15. Power configuration switch
  16. Boot loader selection switch


Shipping List

  • 1 x UNO PLUS
  • 1 x USB Type A Plug to Micro B Plug Cable

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