• Servo Controller 12 Channel - USB/Serial

Servo Controller 12 Channel - USB/Serial

The 12-channel Mini Maestro 12 raises the performance bar for serial servo controllers with features such as a native USB interface and internal scripting control. Whether you want the best servo control available (0.25μs resolution with built-in speed and acceleration control and pulse rates up to 333 Hz) or a general I/O controller (e.g. to interface with a sensor or ESC via your USB port), this compact, versatile device will deliver. This fully-assembled version ships with header pins installed. A free configuration and control program is available for Windows and Linux, making it simple to configure and test the device over USB, create sequences of servo movements for animatronics or walking robots, and write, step through, and run scripts stored in the servo controller. The Mini Maestros’ 8 KB of internal script memory allows storage of up to approximately 3000 servo positions that can be automatically played back without any computer or external microcontroller connected.

Quick Spec

  • Three control methods: USB, TTL (5V) serial, and internal scripting
  • 0.25μs output pulse width resolution (corresponds to approximately 0.025° for a typical servo, which is beyond what the servo could resolve)
  • Pulse rate configurable from 1 to 333 Hz (2)
  • Wide pulse range of 64 to 4080 μs (2)
  • Individual speed and acceleration control for each channel
  • Channels can be optionally configured to go to a specified position or turn off on startup or error
  • Alternate channel functions allow the channels to be used as:
  • General-purpose digital outputs (0 or 5 V)
  • Analog or digital inputs (channels 0 – 11 can be analog inputs; channels 12+ can be digital inputs)
  • One channel can be a PWM output with frequency from 2.93 kHz to 12 MHz and up to 10 bits of resolution
  • A simple scripting language lets you program the controller to perform complex actions even after its USB and serial connections are removed

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Servo Controller 12 Channel - USB/Serial

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