• D24V150F12 12V, 15A Step-Down Voltage Regulator

D24V150F12 12V, 15A Step-Down Voltage Regulator

This synchronous switching step-down (or buck) regulator takes an input voltage of up to 40 V and efficiently reduces it to 12 V with an available output current of around 15 A. Typical efficiencies of 80% to 95% along with its high current capabilities make this regulator well suited for powering large loads. The regulator features reverse voltage protection and a power-good output that indicates when the regulator cannot adequately maintain the output voltage.

Quick Spec

  • Size: 1.7″ × 1.25″ × 0.43″
  • Weight: 19g
  • Minimum operating voltage: 4.5 V
  • Maximum operating voltage: 40 V
  • Continuous output current: 15 A
  • Output voltage: 12 V
  • Reverse voltage protection?: Y
  • Maximum quiesce nt current: 100 mA


Shipping List

  • 1 x D24V150F3 12V, 15A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
  • 1 x Header Strip
  • 2 x Screw Terminals

D24V150F12 12V, 15A Step-Down Voltage Regulator

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